Church Partnership

If you are interested in partnering with Gateway by becoming a member, we have a monthly Partnership Class that you can attend to see if partnership is right for you. Our next Partnership Class is March 1st at 11:15am in the Upper Room. Please register below to attend.

Please click the "why partnership?" link to read about the heart of partnership from Pastor Landen Dorsch. 


Have you recently accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour or you have been a Christian for awhile and you are wondering what baptism is all about? Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus! It is such a simple yet powerful step in your journey with Jesus!
In regards to children being baptized, we have some systems in place to ensure that kids have an understanding of what baptism is, and are not getting baptized out of the excitement of the moment. For this reason, we will not be baptizing children under the age of 13 spontaneously during a baptism service. Their act of obedience will be to immediately sign up for the next baptism class. If a child/youth 13-18 years old desires to be baptized in the moment during a baptism service, we will ask that they receive parental permission before they go into the baptismal tank. Details for the next class will be posted here.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Class

Discover how God has gifted you and explore practical ways you can apply your spiritual gifts in real life and ministry!
This 1.5 hour class will be held in the Upper Room during the second service. Watch this page for more details about our next class!

Baby Dedication

We believe that everyone is meant to belong to a church family, so once you have decided that Gateway is your home you are ready to dedicate your child here!
A baby dedication service is not a baptism service.
It is about parents dedicating themselves to raise their child in a Christian home where their children can discover truth, encounter love, and one day make a decision to serve God for themselves.
Parents who bring their children for dedication, by the very act, signify their faith in the Christian way of life and their determination as parents to live out Godly examples of their faith for their children to see.
Once a quarter we have a shared family Baby Dedication Service, and we host a Baby Dedication Class to help families see what a dedication service at Gateway is all about. All parents wishing to take part in a dedication service must attend the Baby Dedication Class. Details for the next class will be posted here.