Why Partnership?

Several years ago, Gateway Family Church went through a powerful transition and through preaching, prayer, intercession and repentance we went from being consumers into becoming stakeholders.  It was an incredible moment that really set our church family on a strong, forward trajectory that has been maintained ever since.

During that time of intercession, the Lord spoke to me that we would need a critical mass to move the larger group into the things that God was wanting to release to us.  He said that we would need a critical mass of thirty to move one hundred people, a critical mass of one hundred to move three hundred, a critical mass of three hundred to move a thousand, and then a critical mass of a thousand to move three thousand.  

In becoming a partner of Gateway, you are choosing to be a part of the critical mass. You are declaring that you are moving from being a consumer to an investor and that you’re joining not simply the community of Christ but the cause of Christ.  The motivation behind becoming a partner isn’t what can be received but what can be given.  On a deeper level partnership is an invitation into genuine intimacy.  When you become a partner, you’re saying that you’re willing to submit to the spiritual authority of this community of believers and welcome genuine accountability in your spiritual journey.  You are moving from spectator to participant, from beneficiary to stakeholder.  It’s a declaration to the rest of this community that you are going to be an active contributor to the health and strength of this church family.  You’re giving permission for the community to put expectations of responsibility on your life.

Partnership isn’t about control or relinquishing your voice; it’s actually giving platform to it. It means you are saying you’re a stakeholder, that you’ll fight for what we fight for, champion our values and vision and that you will hold your self accountable to the higher call of walking together.

You’re saying empower me, release me, you can trust me, I am a stakeholder.

We can’t return to consumerism which is why partnership is so vital to our forward growth individually and for us corporately. We mustn’t allow simple attendance to be the apex measure of our testimony.  As we champion the growth of the critical mass in Gateway, we move our family away from simple association to being personally activated in a common mission to Belong, Discover, Follow and Thrive.

Please prayerfully consider attending our partnership class to learn how you can participate as a stakeholder and be part of the critical mass that propels us into the fulness of God’s vision for Gateway Family Church.

Pastor Landen Dorsch

Our next class is September 29, 2019 at 11:15am during Second Service in the Upper Room.
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