"In the beginning God created.." - Genesis 1:1

We are created in the image of God, the creator, the author of life and light, of colour and motion, of gravity and ground, of emotion and experience; we are inherently creative beings because that is what God is like. We are all invited to create on the canvas of creation with the tools He's given us. It is a great honour and supreme joy to participate in and celebrate our creative nature.
At Gateway we recognize that we are all creative and we all create in different ways, with different tools for different purposes. You may create by drawing with a pen, or writing with a pen, making or selling a pen-- no matter the expression, we are all creating. The heart of the Gateway Creative Arts Community is to champion people to cultivate, co-create and celebrate the unique creative expression every person innately carries.
This portion of our website is dedicated to celebrating creative expression that is already happening through art, dance, music and graphic design, as well as helping you find ways to engage or learn about your own unique creative expression!
Our heart is for every person to discover and release their unique creative expression of love to God.
"Like a wave in the ocean, creative expression is simply a response to the gravity of God's love.. we are the ocean, but he makes the waves" - excerpt from "The Swell" Project (2017)
Hey kids! You’re invited to join our art and dance teams!
Are you interested in learning more about worship dance and art? This year, we’re hosting kids’ art and dance teams on Sunday mornings for ages 6-11. We will be covering topics such as hearing the voice of God, why we worship through dance or art, what different colours mean, and so much more. We’d love to have you be part of the team! If you’re interested, click here for more info.