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A few months ago I prayed for a friends who knee was really bothering her, she sent me a message on Tuesday, saying she had no pain, even her Physio doctor was surprised. "Since about June I have had trouble kneeling, a few weeks ago i was at the altar during worship hearing God's voice. Sitting with God and talking to him through worship I was reminded that we don't ask for the needs and so I said God I want you to heal my knee pain, I want to kneel and there at the altar God healed it. It is not fully healed at all-time but I can put some weight on it and I know that if it still hurts God is not done".
After last Sunday’s service, Pastor Cassie and Todd had prayed for healing of my spinal fracture and scoliosis. I haven’t had any pain or tingling in my legs since! Thank the Lord!! I believe he has fully healed me!
My Dad’s blood pressure had suddenly spiked to the 200s, which was concerning because he has previously had two heart attacks, and stent to mitigate any blockages from arteriosclerosis. He’d also experienced chest pain, and pain in his legs. After hearing that my parents were on their way to the emergency room, I began to pray for healing. I’d called Lisa, and we’d also prayed that night. In the morning, the doctors were baffled: all of the test results came back favourably - no sign of heart tissue damage, clotting, or blockages. His blood pressure went down, and he is healthy! Thank the Lord, our healer, our saviour. 

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