I received prayer at Gateway Family Church that I would experience a slow reversal of the Parkinson’s Disease. One and half years later I can attest to the fact that her word was accurate. The symptoms have slowly decreased to the point that I am unaware of the disease. I have reduced my medication. I’m so grateful for the healing power of Jesus and for those that are obedient to call forth God’s purposes.
My wife’s position at work was changed to permanent full time at her job, however it came with a pay cut. Given our tight budget I started looking for supplementary income trusting that God would provide. In the last two weeks three different opportunities have come up. I don’t know if all three are going to work out, but God clearly opened the doors for this to happen!
On Sunday night my right knee, left side, was healed from a head on collision near Columbia, Missouri 2 days before Christmas 1955, 62 years ago this coming Christmas. The impact mark still shows on my knee. With a bone on bone feeling, I walked with a limp for many years. This was called out from the stage, and the Lord healed me. Glory to God!

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