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We want everybody in our church family to be supported and cared for. Whether you call Gateway home or you're looking for a church home, we are here for you. Go to the form below, fill it out, and one of our leaders will be in touch soon!


MAY 21, 2020
We are excited to be able to gather in larger groups again! That being said, 50 people at Gateway on a Sunday morning will look very different from a pre-COVID Sunday morning service. There are many restrictions placed on our gatherings by the Alberta government and we still want to connect with those joining us online by keeping up with the quality of our online engagement. However, we are using this opportunity as a point of connection where we can see you in person and where you can come to the church building to see our Gateway Pastors! It will feel more like you’re watching the recording of a live show, your household will need to remain distanced from others and you won’t be allowed to participate in the singing; but we still rejoice because 50 Gateway people can still gather together!

Click on a link below to find specific COVID-19 updates

March 19, 2020

Hello to all our amazing Gateway Family,

I hope this finds you well and in good health, or at least in mostly good health and embracing a 14-day forced sabbath.

Over the last week, we have entered very uncharted territory as a country, world and especially as a church family. The COVID-19 pandemic is having huge ramifications globally and this week we are feeling the effects in our church family. The beauty is that our hope and peace come from a source that is higher and greater than what is seen. That means we can peacefully honour the recommendations of our government to help stop the spread of the virus, AND, learn to engage our church family in new way. We are calling this being "Socially Responsible" and "Kingdom Responsible." Loving your neighbour by being wise and loving God by being intentional, are two sides of the same coin!

That being said, based on the latest recommendations from the Canadian and Alberta Health Services, we have two major announcements/changes that are effective immediately for the foreseeable future.

Since we’re unable to gather, we’re adapting the way we do church by doing our SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES and ALL ABLE MINISTRIES FULLY ONLINE. This is obviously a HUGE change to the way we relate to each other and the way we do church. However, the "church" is people and not a building, so we WILL find new and creative ways to connect and engage community that is socially responsible.

One of our biggest and most daunting goals during this time is to stay connected with everyone, and that’s where YOU come in. We really believe that in a time of “social distancing,” we can actually grow closer than ever!! But that isn’t going to happen by accident, we need to be intentional and committed to communication, interaction and compassion in ways we’ve never imagined before. Whether it's through text, email, phone calls, Instagram and Facebook, our App or Google Hangouts (more on that below), we NEED to engage personal communication and interaction with everyone in our circles!

Here are a few of the ways we want to stay connected:
1. Make sure you download our Gateway App and turn on notifications!
Click here to download the app on your iPhone 
Click here to download the app on you Android 
2. We will be sending out video updates and encouragements via the App and Instagram/Facebook, so stay tuned!
3. We encourage all our ministries to try and meet online via Google Hangouts (ask your ministry/homegroup leaders about this!)

This is the time for our love and faithfulness to shine my friends! We are committed to being socially AND kingdom responsible, doing our very best to love and serve each other in new and beautiful ways!

It will be a glorious day when we can gather together again as one big family in celebration of what God has done. Until then, let us walk this out together, putting on display the love and power of the body of Christ that is a bond IN THE SPIRIT which transcends proximity. AMEN!

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Grace and PEACE to you all!

Google Hangouts

Click here to download the iPhone App
Click here to download the Android App 

Setup Instructions: You will need your own personal Gmail/google account.
Free Video calling for up to 10 people/screens.
We recommend using a laptop or tablet if possible - if you are starting a video chat, using a laptop or tablet is much easier.

Starting the video conversation ON COMPUTER & TABLET
• Search
• If you already have a ‘google drive’ account, sign-in to it
• if you do not have a ‘google drive’ account register for one (it’s free)
• Click video call
• Allow, the use of your devices microphone and camera (if suggested)
• Click invite people
• Click copy link to share
• Once you do this, the ‘link’ will be copied on your device
• Open an email, add all of the email address’ you’d like to join the video chat
• Please note that only 10 screens can be in one video chat at a time. So, if there is more than one person in a home joining the chat, please share one screen (one email address per home)
• In the body of the email, paste the link (command v, right click and select paste)
• Send the email and wait for everyone to join the video chat

Joining a video conversation ON COMPUTER & TABLET 
• When you receive an email with a link
• Open the email and click the link
• Follow the promptings to the google hangout page
• Sign in/sign up for your google account if needed
• Join the video chat
• Allow the use of your devices microphone and computer

Joining a video conversation on SMART PHONE 
• Click the email link sent to you for the video chat
• Follow the on-device promptings into the video chat