What You'll Learn

Throughout the school year students will learn from six foundational areas

God is Good:
To what extent is God good? How far does His goodness go? How do we as Christians get to interact with His goodness? Exploring the unfathomable love of God through the life of Jesus.

The Finished Work of Christ:
Following the thread of God's promise through creation, from the fall to the incarnation to the present, revealing God's great redemptive plan.

I’m Included in Christ:
Engaging what it means to be grafted into the Vine. What is true of Christ is true of me. (John 15, 17, 1 John 4:17)

I Have a New Normal:
In Christ we are naturally supernatural. We are new creations called to build upon the foundation of Christ. Our new normal is to look like Christ in every way. The school will equipment you to embody the love of Christ by prophesying, speaking words of knowledge, healing the sick, and seeing the oppressed made free.

I Live in New Covenant Community:
As we discover the goodness of God shown through Jesus’ life, we can become His example of Love at all times in all ways. We are now part of His family, brought together by His Spirit, sharing His love for one another.

Life Giving Theology:
A fresh look at theology that makes us fall in love with God over and over again. A love that produces good fruit and enables us to walk in intimacy with Him.