Testimonies and Endorsements


“My ministry has taken me all over the world to almost every continent and while visiting Gateway Family Church I’ve spoken in their school more than once. This wonderful school has a great heart, a great vision, and good teachers. I want to encourage you, if you are thinking about being trained for supernatural ministry and have some solid teaching as well, to consider the School of Kingdom Life.”
- Dr. Randy Clark, Founder of Global Awakening 

"Believe it or not the new mission field is not just the world its the church. We are in a desperate need to see the bride awakened from its slumber and be ignited by compassion to establish the kingdom of God here on the earth! I highly recommend the School of Kingdom Life to anyone who has a desire to discover the kingdom in you and get activated in speaking and living kingdom culture. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven is now."
- T.J. Green, Voice of Revival Ministries


"The one thing about the school that impacted me more than anything else was leadership. Their vision and passion for ministry comes out of a deep well of intimacy with God. It was incredibly inspiring to watch and learn from them how to live a lifestyle of rest where God's grace, not my efforts, empowers everything that I do so that the world encounters heaven in me." 
- Ariele, age 21

"The school opened my eyes to seeing and knowing depths of God that I hadn't ever been aware of. It was a major part of the most transformative season of my life. In my time at the school, I was equipped to carry the love of God with me in a powerful way that is still with me today. More importantly though, I know Him, hear Him, and depend on Him in ways I didn't know I could before attending the School of Kingdom Life."
- Matt, age 29

"Going through the school was revolutionary for us because it challenged our faith, our identity, and our role as believers. Since being transformed by the teachings of the school, God has opened up opportunities for us to go to several nations and share the Gospel and teach!! Understanding our identity and the power of Christ in us, we have personally experienced blind, deaf, lame, diseases and pain healed, people set free, and lives transformed!! The school is one of the most impactful things we have done in our lives!! Seriously, you should go!!"
- Murray, age 55 & Sandy, age 54 

"The School of Kingdom Life has been a blessing to me. The anointed worship and teachings were both excellent. Curtis and Kristin have provided great leadership. I highly recommend for anyone to take the School of Kingdom Life; you will benefit from the experience."
- Doug, age 67

"Gateway loved me into family, pushed me past my comfort zone, and raised me to be capable and strong while remaining rooted in who Christ created me to be. I discovered truth, love, and grace like never before - every day of discovery was a wild and beautiful adventure. I came out of the school with a transformed mind and a heart ready to hold the Father's dreams. The word came alive to me as we dug together for truth and sought out the Father's heart... my world was flipped upside down and shaken up, in the best way possible. I was completely covered and radically loved by the leadership of Gateway Family Church during my time spent there, and they have cheered me on through every step of my transition back home. I'll always consider myself a daughter of the Gateway family, and the mark that the leaders in that house left on me is one that will never fade. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to walk and grow in the organic and authentic environment that Gateway has cultivated. The school changed me forever and I would absolutely encourage anyone and everyone, regardless of where they are at, to dive into the adventure and join the family!"
- Kaitlyn, age 21