School Details

Available tracks: 

Full-time - Sunday mornings, Monday nights, and Tuesday through Thursday mornings on site at Gateway Family Church. Attendance at weekend ministry trips and conferences. 
Part-time- Monday nights 
Online Part-time - For students unable to attend on campus for the year.  Videos from Monday night sessions will be available for online viewing. 
Internship - Potential internships are available for past students.  

School of Kingdom Life runs in two consecutive semesters with a break over Christmas: September 24 – December 17, January 21 – April 29.

Full-time: $2,500 (includes required texts, kickoff retreat, and general outreach costs)
Part-time: $500 (books purchased separately)
Online Part-time: $300 (books purchased separately) 

$1,500 - Optional Spring Missions Trip (fundraised together to subsidize cost)  

Out of town accommodations:
Room and board is offered through the families of Gateway Family Church with an estimated monthly cost of $400. Please contact us for more information.  

Gateway Family Church, 4310 Black Gold Drive, Leduc, AB