Band of Brothers Retreat 2019

Men, this is your invitation to the Band of Brothers Alberta weekend! It is our hope that you will come and experience dynamic positive life change, like the hundreds of men who have gone before to similar Band of Brothers weekends.

This is a weekend designed for one purpose . . . for Men to experience freedom in Jesus Christ like they have never experienced before. The sessions are hard hitting and designed specifically for men. Multi-media is used extensively because men enjoy movies and we are invited to see ourselves through the lens of each story.

You are encouraged to take what you learn from each session and apply it at your own pace, to your own life. Guys, we invest in training for so many other roles in our lives – – why not take this opportunity to invest in who you are and in the man you want to become!

Join us April 12-14 2019 at Frontier Lodge, Nordegg for our next event, a weekend that will bring significant positive change to your life!

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