Here at Gateway, we believe that God speaks through many ways and one of those ways is through prophetic art. Prophetic art is a Holy Spirit inspired, visual expression of worship that unveils the multifaceted God we serve. It captures the song Heaven is singing in that moment and forever speaks to encourage and edify the body of Christ. We believe that just as the artisans in Exodus were first called and filled with the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all manner of workmanship to accomplish creative works, we too are filled with that same Spirit and encounter God in a new way every time we put our tool to canvas or paper. It never gets old; it only gets more exciting as we grow in Him.
- Tangie Shields, Prophetic Art Leader

Artwork displayed in Gateway’s gallery is all done during Sunday worship by the Gateway Art Team. Explanations for each piece are displayed alongside them. We encourage you to check out the explanations as they give a deeper understanding of the prophetic words behind the paintings. All artwork is for sale and prints are available upon request. Please contact the artist for any inquiries.
Gateway Artist Arise hosts a craft night four to six times a year. The heart behind this ministry is to give you a place to invite your friends from the community to do something fun and hear a short testimony of the Greatness of God. We try to do a mix of paint nights and crafts to keep it exciting. Whether you are creative or not this is a great night for you! We teach each craft or painting step by step and provide everything you need. We just need you!

Information for our next Craft 'n' Chat night will be posted on the Events page.


Allie Andersen

Gateway Prophetic Art Leader

Tangie Shields

Gateway Prophetic Art Co-Leader